Welcome to BuildersNetwork,
Europe's smartest and most exclusive network for founders, VCs, and Business Angels.

We have created this network to build and scale companies easier, faster and better. Relationships carry compound interest: the deeper they are, the more value they bring.

This group is about quality and helping each other succeed by sharing.


BuildersNetwork is about forging real connections. Supporting each other and learning among peers. Members share intros, best practices, talent and investment opportunities. To confidentially work trough company and personal challenges and grow together.
Builders's events connect and inspire. Exclusive sessions include peer-to-peer mentoring groups, conversations with industry leaders and angel clubs.
Builders facilitates connections between outstanding company builders across technology ecosystems and industries. Starting with Berlin and DACH.


Without a real referral from current members we might not be able to consider your application. We’ll ask you to include their Slack handle preceding the @ symbol (e.g. @nickname) while filling this form. You'll need to make sure you have the correct handle and do not enter multiple handles, or the full name, or the email address.
Membership candidacies are evaluated based on the strength, length, and influence of the applicant's career. We look for track-record and a hands-on attitude. Generally, we accept a maximum of two members per company (except for leading late-stage companies). More specifically, we are looking for the following profiles:
  • Founders, CEOs or MDs of top technology startups that have raised significant investment from a leading VC firms, preferably in Series A or later stages.
  • CxOs leading core business functions with significant operating and leadership experience leading growth at startups that have raised a series B or later.
  • Partners at a leading VC firms that that can lead their own investments, well-known Business Angels actively investing in companies in relevant ecosystems.
We review applications on a bi-monthly basis. Due to the high demand, we can take longer in some cases. If you haven’t heard back after more than a month, we likely couldn’t invite you at this time, but you are welcome to apply again in twelve months's time.

To receive an invite to the network, you need to fill out the following form fully. Incomplete forms will be discarded. Once your application is reviewed you will receive an email informing of your status.

We carefully select invites to keep a high quality of knowledge exchange among members. We put a lot of effort into this as the application form helps us all. Please put effort into it as well. Note that we do not accept press or recruiters.